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Dr. Ana Ferro

Hi there, I’m Ana! Head of Department: Oral Surgery, Periodontology and Implant Treatment at MALOCLINIC Lisboa

About Me

Dr. Ana Ferro

Hi there, I’m Ana! Head of Department: Oral Surgery, Periodontology and Implant Treatment at MALOCLINIC Lisboa

About Me
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About Me

In the last years of University I got passionate about periodontology and surgery, which led me to continue learning in these fields, through additional post-grad or specialization programs.

Having the opportunity to join the MALOCLINIC Team opened the doors to a world of research, development and excellence in team approach procedures.

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Over the years people have come to me seeking my advice on different subjects.

Through my personal growth, experience, I try to advise people on what has been working for me and how my pathway has been.

  • My true goal in life is to help people to achieve what they desire.

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Learning and teaching is one of my devotions and being able to lecture at Lisbon University (Peri-odontology Department), at the MALOCLINIC Education center in Lisbon or in several National and International Courses and Conferences featuring Periodontology, Oral Re-habilitation, Implantology and Guided surgery really gives me a sense of contribution.

  • Check out my latest courses.
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Clinical Cases

Every time I do a surgery, I report written and photographically, in order to evaluate the final result and learn from my experience to take my own conclusions.

  • See my latest clinical cases in detail.

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Dr. Bernd Quantius - dr. ana ferro malo clinic

“I met Dr. Ana Ferro the first time in 2007, during my first All-on-4 course in Lisbon. During this course and during the numerous courses and clinical residencies I made in Lisbon until now, she taught me the All-on-4 concept from the basics to the high skill surgeries. This allowed me to integrate this concept into my daily work, so that I could establish a well-known clinic for All-on-4 treatments here in Germany. She also helped us a lot during the preparation and the performance of the All-on-4 courses we did together in my clinic during the following years. I owe you a lot, thank you very much, Ana!”

Dr. Bernd Quantius, Germany


Here I have answered some of the questions I’m asked the most.

What are the most direct contacts for contacting brands/services?2023-05-02T10:22:00+01:00

Brand local sales team

How can I invite you to give a lecture and/or congress?2023-05-02T10:21:38+01:00

Please contact me directly and I will send you the conditions according to schedule availability.

Which countries and/or cities does the Consulting/Mentoring service cover?2023-05-02T10:20:58+01:00

This is an online and on-call non-presencial Mentoring, which means that is globally reachable.

How do I know if I am a candidate to take advantage of the Consulting/Mentoring service?2023-05-02T10:20:41+01:00

Everyone is a candidate for the Mentoring Programs.

If you are beginner or intermediate level and need some insights on how to master your career, how to improve your surgical skills on how to maintain your balance and inner energy, then the first three programs are for you.

If you already have clinical experience and need advice or support, then how to master my case program is something you can benefit from.

How can I enroll in courses available on the agenda?2020-04-28T11:13:12+01:00

For Nobelbiocare webinars and courses contact:



For MALOCLINIC Education courses contact: 




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